False Assumptions Artists Make About Galleries

What Is An Art Gallery?
May 7, 2018

False Assumptions Artists Make About Galleries

In our current reality is easy to judge something at face value. When talking about visiting an art gallery, we get a particular bias in our mind of what it’s going to be like from what we see on the movies and TV. While galleries often get a bad rap for being snooty and uptight, this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Follow along as we debunk some common misconceptions. While not all of them are positive, it does help to set the record straight.

Idea #1 – To have your art in a gallery, an artist needs to pay.
The Truth: This isn’t always the case! Some art galleries may seem above your level but in reality what gets your art in faster is who you know. Galleries provide different artists with spaces within their exhibit in exchange for simply… their art. An empty gallery isn’t making any money.

Idea #2 – Galleries have buyers ready to purchase any art that an artist has to offer.
The Truth: We really, really wish this was the case. Unfortunately, it’s more towards the opposite end of the spectrum. Art galleries have to convince their clients even to show up and that the artists that they show off are worth adding to a personal collection.

Idea #3 – Art galleries are loaded and filled to the brim with money.
The Truth: Again, we wish. It would make our jobs a whole lot easier.

Idea #4 – Getting your art showcased in a gallery will instantly boost your fame and career.
The Truth: There are no shortcuts to any kind of hard work. Getting your work into an art gallery is only the first step in a battle of many. Becoming a successful and well-known artist involves work, lots of it, over a gradual period as you slowly build up your fanbase. While there are instances of some artists going viral, nobody wants to be left in the shadow of their own fifteen minutes of fame.

Idea #5 – Galleries do not have barely any expenses to run.
The Truth: There are a lot of small bills that quickly add up when running an art gallery. These include having insurance, renting the building, setting up alarm systems, general safety and security, advertising, transportation, shipping- the list goes on!

Idea #6 – An art gallery can always sell the art of any artist that they try to take on.
The Truth: Not quiet! Other facts like the personal taste of the buyers, trends, and the health of the current economy are just a handful of some of the other factors that can take place and ruin a sale.

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