How to Protect your Home art Studio

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July 24, 2018

How to Protect your Home art Studio

Many artists have an art studio in the home or in structures on the same property. Some love to do art as a hobby and gradually it becomes a business for many people. Many people work from home as the fulfillment of a dream or out of necessity to have an art studio in the home. A painter or even sculptor studio is rarely a pristine environment. Spills and spatters do happen so it can be a messy place. Having sturdy flooring that is resistant to some stains is the best choice of flooring. An art studio is an amazing place of colourful artwork, prized possessions, expensive paintings, sculptures, expensive easels, paintbrushes, and many other items which are found in an art studio. Here are some ways to protect your art studio at home.

  • Protect your flooring with cardboard 

Before you start painting or do any other type of art in a studio it is essential to protect your flooring at all times. Place cardboard on the flooring where you are situated to do your artwork. Keep the cardboard in place with painter’s tape. You can also put carpet tacks to keep the cardboard in place and to stop anyone from tripping over the corners. To increase the strength of the cardboard you can also paint over it with house paint.

  • Cover the flooring with a leak-proof canvas drop cloth   

Canvas drop cloths are excellent for covering flooring especially carpets in the home. Unlike plastic, they are easy to spread out and you don’t need to use tape to stick them down. Place them down where they are needed all drips and splatters won’t soak through the canvas.

  • Install a home alarm system and CCTV   

Install an affordable and effective alarm system for protecting any of your prized art pieces. A security and CCTV system will give your home complete protection and deter any thieves while you are away or at home. The motion sensors will be triggered if someone tried to enter your home and the CCTV will provide you with a clear video of who may have tried or even entered your home.

  • Have a security vault installed in the home   

Whether you simply want to keep important documents protected, or you may have some prized artwork collections that you want to keep locked up, safe, and secured from demanding environments and any thieves. Protect what you hold most dear by having a security vault installed in the home. Your paintings and any other art collections can be stored in the vault and be safeguarded against fire, thieves, and flooding.

  • Secure locks on the door of the art studio   

If you have many collectors’ items and prized art collections in the home it is important to keep them locked up and secured at all times. When leaving your art studio to go out and about you may need to lock up your art room to ensure any thieves may not enter this particular room. If your prized paintings or any artwork gets stolen you could be out thousands in the long term. Consider getting set up with a bolt lock or an easy large lock with a key to lock the door more easily and simpler.

  • Add window locks  

Locks on the windows are an easy and efficient way to provide security measures to the windows of your home. Window locks are readily available in many stores some include deadbolts, sash locks, keyed locks, and flip locks. To increase your home security solid locks are necessary.

    • FlipLocks   

This type of lock is the least expensive lock, you can install them easily however it is easy to break them.

    • SashLocks   

Sash window locks are the most recommended locks by experts for the best security measures for your home. Sash locks can be used on casement, single hung, and double-hung windows. This type of lock must be fitted to the upper levels of the windows. You will not be able to enter through an unsecured window with sash locks.

    • Deadbolts   

This type of window lock is a hefty and an excellent lock for the window and they offer the convenience if you want to add extra home security. They are adaptable with side-sliding windows, double-hung windows, and narrow sash windows and they are easy to install.

    • Keyed Locks   

Keyed locks are extremely solid locks and they are the most expensive type of lock but extremely effective for securing any window.

  • Get a guard dog   

Consider welcoming a dog into your home it is a great way of deterring and putting off thieves from entering your property. Dogs are loyal, intelligent, alert and are a great security option to keep your home secure and protected at all times. With a dog around your home, you are sure to keep the house safe at all times. A barking dog is also a great deterrent for burglars.

  • Protect your home art studio by Having Security bars and grills fitted  

Window bars and metal grills are a very effective way of giving your home that extra security measure against thieves. If your window becomes broken, the grill or bars will stop any thieve from gaining access to your home through the window. The idea of having bars or grills present on the windows is not the most attractive idea for many people, however, If the bars or grill is suitable for your home, then there are many companies who specialise in these types of products which they can customise to your style of home and some can be decorative.

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