What Is An Art Gallery?

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May 1, 2018
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What Is An Art Gallery?

While it seems like a relatively simple question to answer, is it? How many different types of art galleries are there and what our their purpose? We hope to use this blog to narrow down these questions and assist you in gaining a better understanding.

Institutional Art Galleries
Any type of art gallery that is found within the walls or funded by the local councils, state government, or a university is known as an Institutional Art Gallery. These are sometimes private collections as well. For the most part, the gallery holds a variety of names, even going so far as sometimes to be known as a museum.

The larger of these types of galleries are very well staffed and are taken care of by professional curators. They even receiving funding that isn’t dependent on the sale of the art. They often charge an entry fee for the visitors and make you exit through a gift shop.

Independent Art Dealers
These types of galleries focus on the sole purpose of selling art. Any exhibits that they have does not happen to change unless items are sold or they rotate their current selections. These art galleries require a bit more effort to get your art into as they are usually reliant by the artist’s relationship within the industry.

Commercial Art Galleries
These collections of art often feature an exhibit from different artists represented by a particular gallery. A commercial gallery will have one or two rooms of stock on display directly from the work of the artists within their set group. They are often smaller than institutional galleries and are only run by one or two staff members.

ARI’s (Artist Run Initiatives)
ARI galleries are exactly what it says, galleries that are hosted by artists! Groups of artists work together to share the cost of a rental space. They work together to create an area where they can showcase and display their art for potential buyers.

Studio Art Galleries
These types of art galleries happen to contribute to the work of a single artist within a given space. Art warehouses that are the home to multiple artists sometimes take the opportunity to host multiple events of single-focused artist exhibits.

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